Lionheart Collar


Lionheart Collar

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 Individually crafted in our Pacific Northwest studio from locally sourced Pendleton® textiles.

Collars are available in two styles! Adjustable-Buckle or Full-Slip. Please read sizing details below and include your pet's measurements for the best fit.

 Both styles feature solid antique-brass hardware throughout. Adjustable-Buckle Collars include a D-ring, prong buckle, strap keeper, and rivet screws. Full-Slip Collars include two O-rings and rivet screws.

⁙ The multi-hole adjustable straps and O-ring holders from both styles are crafted with dark brown biothane, a heavy duty alternative to leather.

Size Measurements Widths
XS 12"-14"
1.25" // 1.5"
14"-16" 1.25" // 1.5"
1.25" // 1.5"
1.25" // 1.5"
1.25" // 1.5"
XXL 22"-24"
1.25" // 1.5"
*Take a snug measurement where a collar would naturally sit, leaving little to no slack. Sizing details list the best fit across the multi-hole adjustment in our standard sizes. These measurements can be used to select the size needed for Full-Slip Collars as well.
*If you'd like your Buckle Collar to be custom sized for an exact measurement please include this request in your order notes, otherwise the standard size selected will be made.
*Full-Slip Collars are custom sized based on your included neck and head measurements. This will ensure an easy slide around your pet's head down to the desired neckline placement. This style is not recommended if you don't want the collar to tighten when pulled on.
*Adjustable-Buckle Collars are not considered lightweight, the solid brass buckle and hardware pack some heft. A Full-Slip Collar (without a buckle) features less hardware overall and may be more ideal for a lightweight traveler.
*Handwash with warm water and mild soap. Lay flat to dry. Use a steam iron to help reshape, taking care to avoid finishing details. 
*Textile placement may vary between sizes, general features will remain similar with small variances.
*Compare all Styles & Sizing here!
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