Archer Collar // Ready-To-Ship


Archer Collar // Ready-To-Ship

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Please note: The specific sizes showing in stock are Ready-To-Ship within a few days of purchase. If your cart includes other items that do not include Ready-To-Ship in the title, then this item will be held until the remaining items are finished within our estimated 3 week production time. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

 Individually crafted in our Pacific Northwest studio from locally sourced Pendleton® textiles.

Collars are available in two styles! Adjustable-Buckle or Full-Slip. Please read sizing details below for the best fit.

 Both styles feature solid antique-brass hardware throughout. Adjustable-Buckle Collars include a D-ring, prong buckle, strap keeper, and rivet screws. Full-Slip Collars include two O-rings and rivet screws.

⁙ The multi-hole adjustable straps and O-ring holders from both styles are crafted with dark brown biothane, a heavy duty alternative to leather.

Size Measurements Widths
XS 12"-14"
1.25" // 1.5"
14"-16" 1.25" // 1.5"
1.25" // 1.5"
1.25" // 1.5"
1.25" // 1.5"
XXL 22"-24"
1.25" // 1.5"
*Take a snug measurement where a collar would naturally sit, leaving little to no slack. Sizing details list the best fit across the multi-hole adjustment in our standard sizes. These measurements can be used to select the size needed for Full-Slip Collars as well.
*Adjustable-Buckle Collars are not considered lightweight, the solid brass buckle and hardware pack some heft. A Full-Slip Collar (without a buckle) features less hardware overall and may be more ideal for a lightweight traveler.
*Handwash with warm water and mild soap. Lay flat to dry. Use a steam iron to help reshape, taking care to avoid finishing details. 
*Textile placement may vary between sizes, general features will remain similar with small variances.
*Compare all Styles & Sizing here!
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